Solution to your online payment.


The FXKUDI virtual visa card is a digital payment card designed to aid frequent online shoppers with a secure and flexible alternative to physical payment cards.Security conscious online shoppers who prefer not to use their debit/credit cards linked to their regular bank account online.

sometime, your bank card might not be accepted for shopping on your favorite online stores or to complete some other payments online. In this case, FXKudi Card would be your best option. Either you are paying for your Netflix subscription, completing a Uber ride, paying for your Facebook Ads, Shopping on Amazon, purchasing songs on your regular music shop online, or running some other online payment, FXKudi is your best shot.

FXKudi Card gives you the convenience, the freedom, and the power to make all your online payments quickly and safely. Entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals across and beyond the African continent are welcome to have an FXKudi Card. All you have to do is sign up and generate your FXKudi Card.


We offer easiest and fastest money exchange services across Africa.

Zero Fees

Your transaction charge is zero, and it will never increase with FXKUDI. You'll never have to haggle with service over rates ever again.

Best Exchange Rate Deal

With FXKUDI you get best exchange rate deals across all currencies.

24/7 Live Support

free 24×7 phone and chat support for all FXKUDI customers. In addition to the email support we already offer, you can also reach us via phone or live chat.

Safe & Fast

We focus on our technology because we know a strong, flexible infrastructure will provide fast and secure payment processing experience that you desire.