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Send and receive money across Africa

Send & Receive Money Across Borders Instantly, Hassle-Free.

Send Money to Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau.
Transfer Money across Africa at the best exchange and at no cost. You do not pay for transfer, no transfer delay, and you get the best experience.

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Create Virtual Cards for Global Payment

Create a personalized virtual dollar card in just a few clicks and start making unrestricted global payment across borders.

Virtual Dollar Card

Either you want to shop online, book rides, stay entertained, pay for digtal ads, or conveniently make other payments online, FXKudi card is your ticket to payment freedom.

Sometimes, your bank cards may not be accepted for shopping on your favourite shopping website, it could even be rejected for social media ads payment not to forget about some other international platform where you pay for one service, product or another. This can be frustrating, however FXkudi card makes payment easy, safe and convenient for everyone.

Accepted on : Google, Apple, PayPal, Skrill, Amazon, Alibaba, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Bolt, Lyft, Uber, and many more.

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Virtual Wallet

As an African in diaspora, a lot of paperworks and time is spent on owning a bank account back home. So, from wherever you are, access to banking in your home country is easy and readily available.

As long as you have a wallet that gives you access to freedom of spending, sending, and receiving money across Africa, it is important that you also have access to a payment card that helps you complete the cycle of payment freedom across Africa.

All of your daily transactions doen in your wallet is recorded in a simple manner for you to track your spending habit by currency, country, or by payment channel.

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